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February 7, 2018: Message from The One about the Final Conflict and Its Outcome

by  | Feb 8, 2018 |

The Peace of The One climbing walls of separation

FEBRUARY 7, 2018

The Resolution of the Final Conflict Between The One and the anti-One 

On February 2, 2018, the DJIA dropped exactly 666 points….. 

This is a message from The One to your selves.


It started as points of rebellious activities and discord both in the Heavens and on Earth.

Chaos has united its forces, imprisoning you everywhere.

What started eons ago as a rebellion against the Unity of My Being, has grown into a false sense of power as it hopes to rule both the Heavens and its Earth.

The One has infinite patience and infinite Love.

Nevertheless, because so much of Creation is now permeated and controlled by chaos and the rebellion, the time has come to let it unleash its forces so that it shall cause its own destruction and the perdition of the ones who have followed its rules and temporary dominion.

Instability and angry raging storms are everywhere, there is almost no firm ground left, nothing to hold onto as the tempestuous waters are growing, and sinking slowly but surely all that is precious to my Being.

Soon, very few islands shall remain and I will carefully choose the ones who shall continue my Dream both in Heavens and on Earth.The ancient angry beast has arisen again and its arrogant blasphemous cry has been heard by all my children.

It feels its victory to be so close.

It has engaged all of its forces for its last battle.

It is filled with haughtiness and pride, and wills to destroy all that keeps my Creation stable and joyful.

It has harvested so many by sneakingly infiltrating their being. It can and does think for them. By now it is them.

It spreads falsehoods and mischief everywhere.

Truth is hard to find as untruth is willingly accepted by its minions.

I am TRUTH, the only Truth there can Be.

All others are but untruth, illusions, and as such they can rise to what many would perceive as great heights, being drunk on false spirits, powered by false power.

And when they think that they have conquered all, including the upper heavens, they are to fall. They can and should have an end, their powers brought down to ashes, their dreams erased from all Mind, their memory gone from Creation, their rage extinguished in the fire of pure Holiness.

These false mighty ones are to become naught; their rebellion never ever to be repeated again, a rebellion against unity, against love, against the preciousness of Life.


If you hear their rallying cry, connect deep to your heart and you will know Truth – REAL TRUTH, and find Peace – REAL PEACE, not the peace they brandish as false rewards as they are blinding your hearts, your eyes, and your minds, but rather the Infinite Peace of GOD who is but waiting for you to abandon the rebellion.

In this last battle between the forces of chaos and their false power and My deep desire to regain My children, many sense a great feeling of torment, insecurity, and know not how to find the next step to the ladder of Ascension to Me. Know that I am here with you, every single one of you.

And as you search for Me, I will cup you in My hands and lift you back out of the waters of this dark raging abyss, and bring you back to the true Promised Land I have prepared for all of you.

Reject their programs in which you now bathe. There is no more time for all the distractions which are being created for you by the force of division, the force that rebelled and still rebels against the unity of Myself and My Holy Name.

Throw away these distractions. Purify your bodies, your hearts, your minds and your Higher souls.

Rejoin each other and Me in the trilogy that can never ever be challenged again by falsehood.

Many events are happening and many more will. See the choices you need to make as these unfold.

Fear not what does not exist, but embrace what is Real, what is truly alive, and in that act you shall all become alive again as My true children, and I will recognize Myself in you, as you in turn will recognize yourself, all of your selves, in Me.

Unite across the raging waters, and I shall make these waters disappear forever from My Creations.

Build only new structures based on Love, on sharing and on caring, whenceforth you will find all that you need, and can dream about, readily available and Created by Me for you, all of you.

Fear fear, and love love, for until now you mostly have feared love and loved fear.

This is how you need to operate from now on.

I am One, you are many, and you as the many harbor me as The One. This cannot be undone.

What truly has begun now is the true beginning of Creation, the real Creation based on Oneness and that shall never end, ever.

Remember Love.

Remember that I Love you.

Remember to Love me for we are but One! 

The One and Only 

Addendum from Gerald O’Donnell

On Friday February 2, 2018, a violent chaotic mysterious sudden force embodying chaos, and feeding off the fear energy produced by it, infiltrated the US stock markets and all other markets especially the very speculative ones. Panic filled the minds of many, and at the very end of the day the DJIA US equity Index had fallen by 666 points.

An old and proven true statement says that although everything may seem random, nothing really happens by chance, only by shifting probabilities. I had, through very deep RV, been shown a major correction of quite serious magnitude in basically all so-called paper or hard assets and most derivative markets, starting towards the beginning of 2018 and expanding in the first quarter. Having had numerous proofs that most of what I receive about our probable future is almost always correct, I was not surprised by the sudden drop. Nevertheless the 666 points free-fall was unprecedented because of the mystical significance of that very number, and rather impossible to have been caused with precision by human market manipulations due to the huge volume of daily trades. Few analysts dared linger upon it so as not to be spooked by it. I could detect in that precise number a deep message, sort of a victory shout, a deep warning, and much more. I will in the next few days decode the number 666 – mentioned as the abomination, i.e. beast, described cryptically by the ancient prophet Daniel and by the apocalyptic gospel of St. John. It, in fact, represents the only possibly perceptually disconnected entities on the left side of the Holy code of the Tetragrammaton where potential separative regions were established both in the heavenly spiritual subconscious realms and the earthly ones as a major testing ground that would ultimately require the correction and reunification of the Holy name of God. I have yet to have found individuals who have spoken openly about the true decoding of this, at least publicly.

Being bothered by an unprecedented onslaught of very dark chaotic energies, and having unfortunately been part of many painful interactions with them across this and other lifetimes, I did set myself to go up very High in vibrations in order to get some clarifications from The One and Its Pure and Holy energy signature whom I readily recognize because I am so very familiar with it. I wanted to understand the meaning of this phase that we are traversing.

This requires intensive preparations and, when the ascension is too rapid, is quite taxing on my biology of much lower Light energy quotient relative to the One’s Light.

And this is when I lost all conscious awareness and the prior words came out of my lips which I recorded and then transcribed upon emerging back in my grounded biological human state.

I would ask all of you to pay great attention to what was said. Do not try to fit any of these messages into your old molds and programs. These are tailor-made for our period, as nothing remains static, especially not even at the level of the One. If you read our prior messages, you will see a thread and evolution in the ascension process we are all undergoing as a Creation. Don’t be shy, and please spread these communications. Your doing so makes you the savior of your bubble reality and all the intersecting bubble realities up to infinity within Creation. These are not gifted only for me but rather concerns all of you, and you need to finally decide to awaken from your comfort zones and engage a very holy and important process which will save our common experience if we have the courage and fortitude to do so.

With my Love and blessings.

Gerald O’Donnell

January 1, 2018: Message from The One and Only about our Probable Future

Received by G. O’Donnell on December 31, 2017.

Gerald O’Donnell, 12.31.2017: “As I lay down, I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without. I totally lost the perception of having a biology, and the following words came out of my lips”.

Please concentrate and give value to the message, and not as you usually have always done, give attention to and judge the messenger, for the messenger is irrelevant. I am you, part of the same Global Consciousness. I am here only to convey Truth and help guide your souls during these very crucial challenging times.


“This is a message from The One and Only to mankind.

You are now inside the dominion of the original Abyss, ruled by the forces of chaos and arrogance tearing apart the Holy fabric of my Creation.

In the dawn of your awakening to my Awareness, you have turned your back to It to pursue your false idols and your empty dreams.

You are by now fully fallen as a Creation, all of it.
So many Dreams, such great potential!
So many lives gone to naught!
Suffering and instability are mostly, in the here and now, your constant companions!

Why do you not see where you are heading to?
Why are you so deaf to the voices of reason and true empathy?

Your hearts have but turned to stone.

You walk blindly towards the final extinction of your existence without asking yourselves what you have sadly become.

You were given so many opportunities to easily veer away from the outcome you so heartlessly chose.

Many spoke to your hearts, hoping to steer your minds towards much better outcomes.
But you stubbornly clenched your fists and fought True Love as you rebelled mercilessly against It!

Your world is mine; I Created you within it and that cannot change!

You were given purposely an unusual degree of free-will together with the elements who sustain and energize your beingness.

You were here to achieve manifesting my only Unity in the multiplicity of existences.

I Created you inside a true paradise where all was made available to you in order to sustain your existence and I allowed you to reproduce and spread yourselves.

You were and are ALL, without exception, my Children, and because of the deep Love I cannot but feel for your selves, which is but the Love I feel for Myself, I am in a profound state of deep pain, as I need to make decisions soon which cause me immense suffering regarding a possible termination of this very challenging experience in which the One allowed the many within The One to rule The One.

You were all my chosen children, you were all meant for great achievements. I held your hands and tried to guide your minds, but you, for the most part, violently tore away from Me, distorted all of Me, and turned away from connecting to Me.

You were once so beautiful, oh my Beloved, so comely!

I cry when I see what you have now become – a shadow of your past resplendence, you that is slowly extinguishing itself by yourselves, because of your selves! There is nothing I can do in order to sustain it for much longer!

Your anger towards Me and towards each other, is poisoning ALL and everything.

You disrespect Life Itself, not understanding that It is WHO I AM, for I AM LIFE and nothing else is It.

You choose false and empty idols, hoping that they will lead you to some artificial paradise.
In that act you shall all fall, and destroy your future.

As you become far less aware of Me as LIFE, I as LIFE shall become less aware of you within my Gigantic Mind and you shall fall into deep dark recesses of my Imagination, for I am the One who keeps you alive by Imagining you.

And as I will gradually need to stop thinking about you, you shall thenceforth slowly disappear from the only MIND and the Only Existence there was, there is, and there surely could only be, which is Me, The ONE and The ONLY.

This is what is causing your acute lack of true Life energy!

This is what is expressing itself as great uneasiness in your extinguishing souls!

There is very, very little time left for you to turn away from falling into empty pursuits and from what is not real.

You need desperately to understand the power of TRUE UNITY, TRUE ONENESS, for that is ALL I AM!
Nothing outside of It is me, but mere distortions and harbingers of death.

Unite, my children, among all of yourselves, and bring my Presence into your hearts as you then express Me!

Connect to your selves and with Love, for Life is gifted and you only exist through True Love.
Everything outside of True Love is but your hearts’ folly and empty dangerous pursuits.

Reject and erase the voices who cause hatred and oppression to arise within yourselves for they have not ever connected to Me but to the ultimate rebellion against Me.

This needs to be done rapidly in order to preserve you and preserve Myself, and that means that I cannot allow within Myself elements that are so totally incompatible with WHO I AM, for I am LOVE, unconditionally so.

The rest will soon need to go and disappear into the darkness of oblivion from within my Mind as I erase their existence and the memory of it, forever so.

There are very few Creative steps left before you all experience something which will be very difficult to watch.

I need your Love, not your fear!
I am not fear, and not to be feared!
Fear is but a negation of Love!

Love each other.

Love all the dear co-Creative species who are here only trying to support your life, your existence, in this magnificent paradise I Created for all of you, and do not destroy it, for you are destroying yourselves in that process.

Be kind, learn to be tender, as I am as your Mother and your Father.
Learn to Love your selves again. Fall in Love with each other.

Be respectful, for every entity be it human or otherwise is but Holy, for it was Created by the Holy One.

Don’t subjugate your precious consciousness to lifeless technologies, for soon, if you do not turn away from them, they will destroy you.
For they were created to be tools, gifted by Me, so that you communicate and flourish across all divides. But these very tools are in the process of becoming your masters and you are enslaving yourselves, willingly so, for reasons that I find very disturbing.

My paradise was not Created to become a refuse of poisoned waters and atmospheres and a place where you dump willfully all that you cannot use!

My paradise was not meant to be turned into a potential living hell!
There is no place for hell in paradise and I will not allow it to become such!

Every species has been Created individually by Me.
There is no intelligent Life without Pure Intelligence having Created it!
They all reflect each other in a certain hierarchy of existence. Nevertheless, every single individual species is but a Creation of Myself, by MySelf.

And you are not allowed, nor will any other grouping of living entities ever be allowed, to interfere with my Intelligence by attempting to alter the integrity and preciousness of every single interconnected species, for you do not know the impact that this can have upon the chain of Holy Life.

You have been forewarned! Act upon that warning!

All your diseases are but a manifestation of who you have become and what future awaits you.
They are but symptoms of the general state of your Creation and of your co-Creative activities.

Nothing happens or exists in any type of vacuum. That is an illusion. It is impossible, for there are no true separations within me! I am All of It, All of Myself!  

Stop blaming others for what it is that you have become! Work on your selves by yourselves.

Stop waiting for illusory saviors to lead you away from yourselves, for your inner selves are the One and only savior by which your salvation will come and you need to save yourselves, each and every one of you!

This misconception has caused you so much pain by allowing the insecure weak and the haughty to rule over you!

Do not be sheep waiting for empty leaders to rule and lead you outside of what you have become, but BE the leader of your own existence!

Accept that most of what you have been taught and told about yourselves and about Creation were just misconceptions and ingrained programs that you inherited from your culture and your parents, and that most of them were so distorted that I can barely look upon them.

Revive and I will arise from within you!

Embrace and I will Love you so much!

Forgive, for without it there cannot be Love!

Forget, for the pains of old can only be healed by erasing their impact!

Be and cry for pure innocent joy, for that is my wish for us and the only state I can and accept to dwell in!

I am you. You are Me. We cannot ever separate! That is the only Unity that cannot be taken away, for without it, I and you stop existing as such.  

Remember who you are, and stop and watch what you have all become!

This will be all, for now”.

The One and the Only

1 January 2018
As received by Gerald O’Donnell

Happy and joyful 2018 to all. May your dreams manifest in the spirit of Unity and the infinite goodness dwelling with the Peace of God!

Gerald O’Donnell

Awaken to “Sleep”and Stop Being “Asleep” while Awake
We, at ARVARI, make use of very sophisticated sound techniques in our sessions in order to help induce these very deep states of mind.

In addition, we guide you very closely using very effective field-proven techniques into realms which up to now had been reserved to operate below your conscious awareness (sub-conscious).

Around 2001-2002, Theta and later Delta became a fashionable buzz and many teaching organizations joined the bandwagon.

Although many spoke about Theta and Delta states, very few really understood their real meaning and profound implications.

These mind states have, in reality, nothing to do with brain active states, but rather have to do with the potential to reduce the interference of our restricted brain thinking upon the immense underlying reality of the Cosmic Mind in which we all bask. It is in the passivity of our brain that the Activity of our common Cosmic Higher Intelligence is revealed. Deeper state of Mind can only be induced by reducing the activity and frequency of our electrical brain and allowing therefore for a heightened awareness of a deeper and much more profound underlying Mind reality hiding WITHIN each and everyone of us.

It is by quieting the Artificial Intelligence-like very restricted intellectual mind chatter of our linear electrical brain that we allow for the Infinite Light Intelligence deeper within to reveal Itself.

The “message” was starting to spread and even former Governmental US remote viewers started to reluctantly recognize that a Theta state was a nice pre-induction state to be in order to help induce a flow of information regarding a particular target.

Our approach has always been that no amount of learning or books will ever replace direct personal experience and this is what made our system of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses unique and very powerful.

We had written extensively about the Universal One Mind, but it was now time to allow any and every one to experience it for themselves. It was time to train many into experiencing at the very least the borderline areas of this Gigantic Infinite Mind: a level of much Higher perception and operation.

It was time for sleeping-man walking the awake state of human mind to really awaken to its sleeping dormant and glorious hidden nature.

Soon enough, in 2002, we presented a training protocol (Remote Influencing course) which allowed anyone to enter with full consciousness (individual awareness) a state of mind usually reserved to the unconscious “sleep” area of Mind (Delta: electrical brainwaves of 1 to 4 cycles per second).

Up to then this state of mental awakening to the Universal Mind of mankind has only been achieved by advanced mediators, yogi masters, and mystics who had undergone decades of very intensive mind training.

The average individual had no idea of these states and could never dream of directly experiencing them. This was relegated to the realm of the mystics, the illuminated few, spiritual giants, or naturally paranormally gifted individuals.

A great many of our students started experiencing DIRECTLY these illuminated states of Being and connecting to The ONE UNIVERSAL MIND.

Recent Advances and Research in the Perception of Space/Time Reality
by Gerald O'Donnell | Jun 23, 2017 | Core Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing

Parts of the explanations presented below about the reasons for the success of remote viewing may, at first, seem somehow difficult to comprehend for some individuals.

Mr. O’Donnell would like to strongly emphasize that the training sessions are phrased on purpose using common language that everybody, from children to adults can easily understand. These tapes are so powerful that Mr. O’Donnell guarantees that from the first time that an individual listens to the first tape, he/she will enter a state of altered heightened consciousness within the first ten minutes of listening to the tape in a relatively quite environment. No matter who the individual is.

The most important goal for Mr. O’Donnell is to allow the desired results to be achieved easily and with great success for the ones who shall desire to evolve to a higher level of understanding and mental operation.

Mr. O’Donnell is nevertheless considering the possibility of making more information available for free download from this site to anyone who desires it.

This material is an attempt at explaining scientifically the Remote Viewing phenomenon and its relation to the time/space equation.

Advance RV ( remote viewers) may have most probably experienced the web of life to the point where they often have some problem figuring if they are witnessing the present, past, or future. It is quite likely that they will particularly enjoy the information made available on this site as an adjunct to their higher evolutionary scale of understanding.

Q: How is it possible to visit instantly any location in the universe in the present, past or probable future? What happens to space/time?

A: According to the non-locality (bridging of space/time: Space and time does not really exist at the level of particles) principle of quantum physics that was proven experimentally in 1982 by the research team of Alain Aspect working at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Optics of the university of Paris, France, the inequality of John Bell had been finally violated and the Einstein/ Poldowsky/Rosen (E.P.R.) paradox finally solved.

Hence Einstein had been wrong in refuting quantum mechanics principle of non-locality because he had conceptual problems with its extraordinary implications upon our so-called material world and the nature of reality.

To the layman this means that Einstein erred in assuming that speeds faster than light were impossible, and most importantly it did in fact imply that space and time do not operate at the quantum level (particle level) at a level of background radiation made up of “pure information” shared instantly across all the manifested realities i.e. universe(s).

By extension we can say that it seems that our phenomenal world is in reality supported by an indivisible reality , non-local (at that level space does not exist), and non subject to the restrictions of time (time does not seem to have any meaning at that level).

This is equivalent to saying that no element (alive or inanimate) in this universe is separate from another , although at the level of individual perceptions of reality it certainly seems to be so!

This correlates strongly with the Holographic model of the universe that the physicist David Bohm postulated as an explanation for the paradoxes that quantum physics raises.

David Bohm, who was one of the preferred students of Einstein at Princeton University and was part of the “Manhattan project” ( the development of the American A bomb during WW II), was considered before his death in 1992 as one of the greatest theoretical quantum physicist.

Bohm was puzzled by physical phenomenon such as the “Quantum-Tunneling effect” which is at the base of the semi-conductor theory and gave us the creation of the transistor, microchips, Josephson junctions in Super-Computers etc..where a particle such as an electron seems to “know beforehand” if a barrier that it will encounter is strong enough to repulse it back , and if this is not the case, the particle literally “vanishes” (dematerializes) itself before encountering the obstacle and “rematerializes itself ” on the other side of the barrier.

For Bohm who took its clues from the model of the hologram, if as quantum physics suggests our universe is non-local and infinitely interconnected at some deeper level of reality, instead of viewing a particle as a material object traveling through space, it might be better to view it as something that unfolds out of a deeper level of reality that he coined ” The Implicate Order”: a gigantic multidimensional holographic reality (outside of the realm of space/time) made out of vibratory light carrying information that would encompass the totality of Creation.

This “Implicate Order” would spread its tentacles to every sentient unit of Creation as it goes through a constant dance of unfolding itself into its mirror image as the “Explicate World” (i.e the reality perceived by our senses) and projects to each observing individualized piece of consciousness the illusion of a material world “out there” at the level of conscious awareness.

The implicate order ( let’s call it the web of life) is where all possibilities are there and time/space has no meaning.

And the “Implicate Order” keeps on projecting out onto the consciousnesses witnessing the explicate world what we perceive as reality in a step-by-step fashion.

After each unfolding, there is an enfolding back onto the “Implicate Order” (while the sentient unit of mind become unconscious again) and the fetching of additional pieces of information that will unfold back holographically to the same unit of consciousness (as that unit becomes aware i:e conscious again of the next step of the show of Creation).

So that in effect what a unit of consciousness considers a flow of situations is but a succession of discontinuous sensory imagery being projected on-and-off to an entity.

Therefore all an entity is, is a processor of information filtered through his senses that it translates as its reality. And that allows him/her to act upon (co-create) it by choosing the next step.

This would explain the reason, if we accept that reality at the macroscopic level is discontinuous under the illusion of continuity, why in Quantum Physics according to the “uncertainty principle” only the location of a particle at the microscopic level can at any point be precisely described but that its real trajectory cannot be known and remains “fuzzy”.

It is the contact with the Higher Self (interfacing with the Implicate Order) that allows one to bridge instantly space/time.

This is why Remote Viewing is only possible and effective when one operates from the perspective of the higher levels of the subconscious mind.

If this level of merger with the higher level of the subconscious mind is not reached, too much static (noise) interferes in the viewing and one might fail while attempting to view a remote site in the present, past or future.

Ingo Swann who was the main remote viewer at he Stanford Research Institute (second largest scientific think tank in the U.S.) and who was instrumental in attracting the attention of the C.I.A., D.I.A. and other branches of the U.S. security establishment, realized early enough that he was projecting his mind into a web of predetermined possibilities. He was capital in the setting of a training protocol for future Remote Viewers.

Q: What do you mean by the brain being the processor of information?

A: The human brain has remained until now one of the major enigma of modern science. Neurobiology is studying extensively the biochemical reactions within the brain and sees the effect that emotions and thoughts have upon its very complex electrical and bio-chemical machinery. However the question remains: are the changes seen, the result of thoughts and emotions or the cause of it? It is like the old paradox of who came first: the chicken or the egg?

The question asked is as follows: can the brain analyze and understand itself? Is it some sort of giant computer or more than that?

It is through this machinery of roughly one and a half kilo (3.3lb) that each individual constructs his/her own universe.

When one says that he/she sees, hears, touches, tastes etc.., it is in reality the structures of his/her brain that see, hear, project tactile sensations, olfactory and gustatory perceptions etc…

The “outside world” is an abstract world made out only of waves and vibrations. One needs a brain to be present for the decoding of these waves to be done in a manner that would give us a sensation of “a material world out there”. Without one’s brain or with a defective one , one would hear nothing, and be plunged in darkness.

For instance light waves are a particular type of electromagnetic waves, vibrating very rapidly at over 100 billion times per second, that cover a spectrum, depending on their frequency of vibration, from the infrared (least vibratory and undetected by the brain) to the ultraviolet (also invisible to humans) with all the colors of the rainbow in between.

The light of our material reality, as we perceive it, becomes light only after being decoded by our brain.
Not before!

Vision results from the simulation of nerve cells in our retina, signaling patterns of light intensity and color, which are “decoded” by the brain in order to give us the impression of spatial reality and separate objects.

The most remarkable feature of visual perception is its ability to convert semi-continuous packets of energy information received at the level of the visual receptors of the brain into individual objects and events, all from the same pulses of electricity running along nerve fibers.

Sound operates in the same way. For individuals that are not deaf, the brain decodes vibratory waves of a frequency roughly between 20 and 20,000 cycles per second onto different sounds whose intensity has to do with the amplitude of these waves.

For touch, pain, and temperature, physical receptors convey stimuli as nerve impulses to a region of the brain called the thalamus that conveys it to region of the cortex called the sensory cortex.

For olfactory senses (smell) and gustatory senses (taste) more complex mechanisms are at play, some of which have not yet been understood.

Therefore, one would tend to imply that the brain, as the central sensory computer of a human being or an animal, would also be the seat of his thoughts. This, in the experience of Mr. O’Donnell, is not the case. And as we shall see some neurophysiologists are of the same opinion.

Q: Isn’t the brain the seat of thought itself?

A: Although thought seems to arise from the level of the brain, one cannot localize a thought within the brain but only observe electro-biochemical reactions to it.

Research done over 30 years by Benjamin Libet, a neurophysiologist (extensively covered in chapter 5 of Fred Alan Wolf book “The Dreaming Universe”: New York, Simon and Shuster 1994) together with brain surgeon Bertram Feinstein at Mount Sinai Hospital in San Francisco, using electrodes implanted in the brain and on the scalp of voluntary subjects, has shown surprising results.

In the now famous 1979 paper on “subjective referral”, Libet proves that it takes roughly from 500ms (1/2 of a second) up to a second between the occurrence of an event and its conscious registration by an individual witnessing or experiencing it.

As an example of this paradox, let us imagine that an animal darts in front of your car. Your brain is theoretically able to react to a stimuli within one hundred milliseconds. You slam the brakes and avoid crushing the animal.

What is at play here? Libet argues after numerous physiological measurements that the person becomes in reality aware of the animal no less than 1/2 a second after the incident. Calling his theory of consciousness “time-on theory” Libet claims that the person reacting is not aware of reacting from up to several hundred milliseconds up to a full half a second later. However, his reaction occurs within 200 milliseconds of the original event, and when interrogated later about the time of his awareness of the action that caused him to react, the person always responds as if he became conscious of the incident at the time of the initial stimulus. In other words, “his memory ” has been altered in order to antedate the conscious awareness of the original stimuli to the real time when it occurred. Libet calls this the “subjective antedating hypothesis”.

As of 2008, the upcoming outcome of a decision could be found in study of the brain activity in the prefrontal and parietal cortex up to 7 seconds before the subject was aware of their decision

Therefore in the aforementioned example, you become aware of the animal in your path 500ms to 1 second after the initial event (real stimulus: real moment when the animal darts across the road). However, it seems that from some unconscious level of yourself the decision is taken, before that interval of time necessary for you to become aware of the event, to break and avoid the animal.

Although, when asked about when you became conscious of the animal, you will invariably refer it to the real time when the animal crossed your path, this is not the real case since your brain only registered that event consciously, as shown in the electrical trace, 500ms to 1 second later.

It certainly was not your conscious volitional mind but rather a part of your subconscious mind that then coordinated in awareness to your conscious mind the false memory of having been consciously aware of the event “without any time delay”.

A similar example can be cited in a skier who, as he is going downhill a mountain very fast, suddenly encounters in his immediate path a tree or a precipice. He will immediately try to avoid hitting the tree or fall over the cliff. However his brain will only register that dangerous situation 500 milliseconds latter! In this case, if the awareness of the event were to originate from the level of the brain with a half a second delay, the poor skier would most probably loose his life or injure himself badly! But that is generally not the case. Therefore, we seem to find that his thought processes seem to originate from His deep subconscious level, external to the mechanistic brain. This level seems to monitors him on a constant basis. For the same reasons, the brain would rather appear to serve as an interface decoding the somato-sensory vibratory signals of what the individual perceives as his reality.

The brain seems to act more as a filtering system than as the seat of thought and volitional action-reaction.

It is the deep subconscious (one might call it soul) that probably really takes care of, and thinks for the individual.

If volitional thought (decision) are made from within the unconscious (subconscious) mind without showing signs of conscious decision at the level of brain, the brain might be functioning as a processor of information that would give us the ability to perceive our world holographically in a way similar to what a virtual reality computer would create..

Therefore, all the brain might be is a processor of information and a somehow temporary storage of memory. Permanent memory seems to be located at the level of the deep subconscious mind.

Overcoming Fears: Erasing Emotional and Spiritual Scars
by Gerald O'Donnell | Jun 23, 2017 | Core Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing

A most important aspect of our training and one which MUST be undertaken with our teachings is in helping you overcome your past and present fears. We help you reprogram you inner mind to only think of future situations which you desire to manifest, instead of being stuck, as most humans are into revisiting old painful memories and therefore keeping alive and energizing old thought and life patterns.

This is the defect in man: The obsession in revisiting past stories and therefore repeating them as they become hence highly energized.

Many of our mental health professionals have, unknowingly so, encouraged such, as they keep digging up into awareness painful past stories, memories, and fearful events, therefore energizing them.

We do teach you, using the medium of inner vibratory light which you are made to experience, techniques to transmute in bulk old mental, emotional, and spiritual scars.

Without this very important inner cleansing you cannot successfully and should really not enter the highly Creative and powerful levels of the One Mind.

We do guide you through this purifying of mind and new patterning process onto positive and pure desired realities.

After this you will surf joyfully through the waves of life and not sink anymore.
In our courses we teach you to experience and use the reality of vibratory light in order to manifest your reality.

This is very different from the run-of-the-mill mind courses.

Do you realize that you have never left the One Universal Mind? That it is in you, and you in it?

Do you realize that if you experience deeply within you this very Truth, you will be changed forever and powerfully so by the power of The One?

Do you realize how easy it is?

Do you realize that you do it every single night of unconscious behavior?

Do you realize that it is time to bring light into your night and understand who you really are and how and why you are here, no matter what others say about you or think of you?

This is what we came here to teach:

The power to sense in advance all the possible and highly probable futures you can choose from, as your free-will allows it to.

The ability to powerfully influence reality and thought from the level of you being operating at the level of the deep inner Universal Mind who connects all beings and events: the ultimate frontier and power for the manifestation of thought.

We can only show you the way, it is up to you to open the door and experience the “One Mind” operating from deep within you and revealing Itself as the quiet Loving little voice within.